Ultimate Skincare Tips

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You already know the basic – no sleeping with makeup and wearing sunblock everyday. But here are additional important facts that can save you from breakout.

1. Get the right treatment for your skin type. If you are getting a breakout more often, see your dermatologist. You have to know the main culprit first rather than trying the over the counter medications.

2. Avoid overwashing your face. Sure, keeping your face clean can put away all the bacteria but it may also overstrip your face. The face moisturizes naturally and that what cause the oil at the surface. To wipe off excess oil, you may use blotting paper rather than too much scrubbing or over cleansing.

3. Give your face some time to recover from pimple marks and dark spots. Blemishes won’t disappear overnight so be patient when using medication or skin lightening cream. You will eventually see results.

4. Stick to a healthy lifestyle. Stress and too much sugar cause pimples to pop on your face. Sugary and oily food can also trigger breakout. Get enough sleep and drink lots of water.

5. Select a product that is best suited for your skin type. Every type of skin has different needs. Not all of the advertised products will do good on you. Assess first what your skin really needs before rushing into a popular beauty product.

6. Protect your skin because it is an investment. Cleanse, tone and moisturize but don’t overdo it. Develop a regimen that will give you a gorgeous glow. Consult your derma if you have skin problems and for other related concerns.